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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 23:36:33 -0400

> Is Gundam just defiend by the mobile suit? I kindsa thought that Gundam
>was the story, the setting, etc. And why another thread on how bad the
>TurnA is? it may look different from the other Gundam Mobile Suits we've
>come to know so well, but think on this: Does the Zeta look anything like
>the Rx-78? NO! The Zeta was an insect-like , iffeminate-looking LADYlike
>MS compared to the RX-78, and yet everyone has grown to like it. hell, I
>love the design.
> When I first saw teh TurnA, I hated it too. But, when I read up on what
>was happening in the story, and when I actually hot myself a Model Kit of
>the thing, I realized that the design was not so much as bad as it was
>DIFFERENT. Yes, it doesn't look like a GUNDAM, whatever that may mean,
>since there is a lot of leeway on wat a gundam looks like; but it is
>TOMINO's decision, so it is now effectively Gundam, no matter what we say
>about it.
> Grow up. Gundam is not dead because of the TurnA. Some reports in Japan
>even say that the appearance of the TurnA actually got some of their
>regular designers to think twice about what has been a downward curve in
>terms of MS design. If anything, the Turn A is encouraging them to think
>in new ways about how Gundam should be. Is that being Dead?
> Gundam Turn A is not just the Mobile suit. so live with it.
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>Richard Ramos

You took the word out of my mind. Well said!

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