Jae Yang (gundamfrx87@email.msn.com)
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 23:11:02 -0400

OK, can we just drop this whole thread? These conversations are really
degrading this ML... Let's get sensible.

For the cockpit location, I've seen where it is located. And I think there
are perfectely good explanation for that. On the torso of the MS, there is
six (?) hidden weaponly. ANd we know that the previous gundams had their
balancing sensors (for walking) located in the front of the skirt. Also,
we've seen the Turn A having a highly mechanized structure, which would
probably needed some room in the torso as well (a room for reactor?). Yeah
yeah, Heavy Arms in the Wing also had two giagantic gatling on front of its
torso, and still had the cockpit located in the center of them. Perhaps the
hidden weaponly required more room than the projectile gatling gun of the
Heavy arm. It's not whether the cockpit should not be located where it is,
but it's whether the viewer has sick mind to perceive that as certain part
of the human anatomy. Let's be moral and reasonable about this and end this

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