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Let's face it: Turn A is one of the most innovative Gundams ever, but it gets
first place as the most revolting looking MS. That cockpit is simply of very bad
taste. If the cockpit was somewhere else and discrete, it would have been OK, but
a "penis cockpit" is too exaggerated a way to draw attention and create
discussion over the series. wrote:

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> writes:
> > The August issue of Dengeki Hobby has some photos of the 1/100 Turn A.
> > In one of the pictures it looked as if the cylinder at its lower torso
> > (where the cockpit is at) can detach from the Turn A along with the two
> > front skirt plates, and the skirt plates will turn 180 degrees, making the
> > detached unit look like a plane.
> >
> > Were they screwing around or was this part of the Turn A's design? Looks
> > like Syd is taking a cue from G Gundam and decided to get literal with the
> > cockpit!
> >
> > Eddie
> It's been known that the crouch cockpit was a core fighter for some time now,
> so this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. I think it's cool that we
> finally get to see a picture of it, even if some people out there aren't
> mature enough to get over the phallic nature of said cockpit placement.
> SJ
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