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> I think I get the gist of what you're trying to say, even without
> punctuation. And you are right if you're saying that the Turn A is hideous
> and doesn't looking even remotely like a traditional Gundam. I agree with
> you
> in that it's hideous, but I still think it looks cool, in a grotesque sort
> of
> way.

All the people on the Japanese Gundam Newsgroup were complaining bitterly
about the extremely ugly Turn-A, but now most seem to like it now that
they've gotten used to it. They were initially complaining about the
character designs, too but they seem to have gotten used to that, too. They
all swore they would never by the model of Turn-A, then most admitted they
bought it anyway, and rather like the way it turned out... so you never know.

mirai y

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