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> if you think the turn a sucks give a hell yeah

I like the Turn A a lot. Instead of just saying it sucks, tell your opinion
of why it sucks. The Turn A doesn't really resemble a Gundam, and is kinda
ugly, but I like the design a lot. Besides, Turn A was accepted by Tomino, so
its here to stay and is set in stone, a part of Gundam, now. You dislike the
Turn A, which is fine with me, but give a little about why you dislike it. I
didn't mean too sound rude, but just saying something's bad and give no
reason why, besides the standrad complaints I've heard about the Turn A lots
of times since its release, is getting old. I hear this sucks and that sucks,
all over the Internet everyday, either just to be bashing or done in a
childish way. If you like or dislike something, make it into a discussion,
not a I hate this or if anyone else does, say so, sorta of thing.


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