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>some comments on "NewType' & 'Hobby Japan' mags: since
>you said you are from the Phillipines, so I don't know
>how readily available these 2 mags are over there. As
>far as I know they, along with the likes of 'Model
>Graphix', 'Dengeki Hobby', etc., can be easily
>obtained in many major cities outside of Japan (e.g.
>Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, Toronto, etc.). You can
>get these mags at bookstores specialized in
>selling/ordering Japanese mags, or any decent model

        Hmmmm...the only ones I know who sell that stuff in the Philippines is as
follows: Special Toys Center: Newtype Magazine, Hobby Japan can be found
at ComicQuest in Megamall, and any other stuff, including a lot of manga
(Crossbone, the movie adaptations, etc.) are in Comic Alley.

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