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>> '0079' TV series is a must watch (boy how many
>> times have I said that?), and I am damn sure you
>> will prefer the TV series over the 6-hour movies
>> once you have watched it.
> I'd have to agree since when series get chopped down
> to movies they cut out a lot of character
development > scenes. Many years ago I bought the
Robotech Macross
> 6 tape set and a lot of the humorous/character
> development moments were gone. That really sucked
> life out of the whole thing. Then to imagine it
> being compressed into 3 movies makes it seem even >

This is exactly what happened to '0079 movie trilogy',
albeit slightly better. Those who've watched the TV
series prior to the movies will surely feel that
something is missing, particularly the camaraderie
between the White Base crew. You won't feel that in
the movies.

> Imagine actually getting to give a crap about
Sleggar > Rowe before he get's wasted. OR to actually
see how
> formidable the Black Trinary really was ( from what
> I've heard they had a significant amount of screen
> time cut for the movie).

The same mistake repeated in Gundam 0083's movie "The
Last Blitz of Zeon". What happened to Kelly Lazyner?
The OVA itself has many plot faults already, and by
condensing it into a 2-hr movie with nothing new added
but 2 lame new songs just doesn't cut it.

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