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 '0079' TV series is a must watch (boy how many times
 have I said that?), and I am damn sure you will prefer
 the TV series over the 6-hour movies once you have
 watched it. >>
I'd have to agree since when series get chopped down to movies they cut out a
lot of character development scenes. Many years ago I bought the Robotech
Macross 6 tape set (ducks narrowly missing rotten tomatoes) and a lot of the
humorous/character development moments were gone. That really sucked the
life out of the whole thing. Then to imagine it being compressed into 3
movies makes it seem even worse. Where am I going with this you ask? Well
my point is that the TV series will open up the characters in ways we've
never imagined. Imagine actually getting to give a crap about Sleggar Rowe
before he get's wasted. OR to actually see how formidable the Black Trinary
really was ( from what I've heard they had a significant amount of screen
time cut for the movie).

Well either way it also gives them time to improve their translation
techniques for Zeta.


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