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>> You can get these mags at bookstores specialized in
>> selling/ordering Japanese mags, or any decent model
>> shops.
> newtype and hobby japan are the only mags i see in
> hobby shops. (there are
> not enough hobby shops here either). how about
> those mobile suit
> encyclopedias? are they all out of print?

Quite the contrary, many of the long out-of-print
Gundam references and books are being re-issued for
Gundam's 20th anniversary. I suggest you should check
out which Gundam books you like to buy from browsing
Japan's Mediaswork ( and Hobby
Japan ( or other J-book websites, and
write down the Japanese title & relative info of the
books & special-order them at any major Japanese
department store near you (There are Sogo's branch in
Manila, I guess?). The advantage is that you won't
have to pay hefty 'extras' levied by J-book shops and
model shops.

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