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('0079' TV series)
> well, i have mixed feelings about it. i just
> watched the 3 movies and i wanna get on with it and
> watch z, zz and victory. just to complete the
> universal century saga.

'0079' TV series is a must watch (boy how many times
have I said that?), and I am damn sure you will prefer
the TV series over the 6-hour movies once you have
watched it.

some comments on "NewType' & 'Hobby Japan' mags: since
you said you are from the Phillipines, so I don't know
how readily available these 2 mags are over there. As
far as I know they, along with the likes of 'Model
Graphix', 'Dengeki Hobby', etc., can be easily
obtained in many major cities outside of Japan (e.g.
Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, Toronto, etc.). You can
get these mags at bookstores specialized in
selling/ordering Japanese mags, or any decent model

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
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