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>I arrived at the same conclusion (that the Dom should be much bigger than
>the GP-02A) using the same footage for reference. The Dom did not look all
>that big if you watch the fateful encounter between Amuro and the Black
>Tri-Stars (this being a better translation of "Black Trinary", thank goodness
>Bandai/Sunrise didn't go with it). However, when they pulled the Jet Stream
>Attack on Amuro, you can see that the Dom is at least big enough to allow the
>Gundam step on its back without being crushed or pushed to the ground.

According to the stats at the Mecha Domain, the Dom(head-height:18.6
meters)has a mere 0.1 meters on the GP02(head-height:18.5 meters). However,
the perspective used in the actual animation could make the relative height
subjective. Animated Gundams may seem larger simply because of thier
heroic(or, in the GP02A's case, daibolic)role in any given scene.


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