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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 02:34:48 -0500

I just watched 0083 recently and noticed that while Gato was escaping from
the Torrington base in the GP02A, there was a Dom travelling alongside him;
a Dom that appeared to be significantly taller than the GP02A. There could
be several reasons for this: the Dom hovers slightly while it travels so
this could obviously lift it above the GP02A, it could have been further in
the foreground than the GP02A, or the GP02A could have lost some of its
height because it is forced to bend its knees while running. Most likely
it is a combination of these three factors, however the size difference was
quite noticeable and gave me the impression that the Dom is taller than the

Has anyone else noticed this? If so, what are your opinions on the matter?

Jonathan Rosenfeld

>>I can find is the over all size of the robot. I mean I expected it to be a
>>little bigger then the GP-02.
>So it wasn't, eh? I should have been more than a little bigger than the

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