Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 00:15:36 -0700

>Having recieved and built my MG Dom, I have to say that it was definately
>worth the wait.the head actually moves as does the skirt which I was kinda
>worried about.

Is it the skirt or the waist that moves? There's a ball joint joining the
upper and lower torso together, how much room do you have to move?

>I think the engineering is the best yet on any of the MG

I dunno about that - it's not engineered like the MG Gelgoog, where the lines
are mostly hidden.

>And the weapons assortment is awesome. The only realy problem that
>I can find is the over all size of the robot. I mean I expected it to be a
>little bigger then the GP-02.

So it wasn't, eh? I should have been more than a little bigger than the GP-02

>I have the old 1/100 kit and it seems like it
>is bigger, though I haven't finished the old kit yet.

If you compare the head, the MG's head is way smaller than the old kit's

>When I put it next to
>the Gelgoog, it just seems a little smaller then I was expecting it to be.

The Gelgoog is supposed to be about the same size as the Dom, though. In
the original TV series they were actually really fat. The MG kit made them
look more streamlined.

>Oh yeah just so you are forewarned, the Model isn't Black and
>blue/grey/purple like in the pictures, it is black and purple. What I mean
>is is that it is REALLY purple, so the pictures are REALLY different then the
>finished kit.

Too bad. The MG MS-06R-1A is mostly molded in the right colors (black,
purple, and light grey) and the weapons rock, too!

BTW... the MG Dom doesn't have a gear switch in the back of its head, right?
So you have to open the face plate to move the monoeye?


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