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Dom Tetreault wrote:
> Chris Beilby <> wrote:
> > wake of Gundam Wing will not be Zeta Gundam, but rather the original
> > 43 episode Mobile Suit Gundam series.
> What's the point, when they've released the movies? I'd rather have seen
> Zeta released, 'cos I've seen *none* of that and would like to get my
> mitts on some.

Well I am going thru the 0079 TV again after seeing the movies, it's a lot
better paced and developed than the movies. There's definitely enough in
there to make it worthwhile for fans.

As for Zeta, it's pretty good (esp. the first 10-15 episodes) but not
great. But of course you still want to see Z, well sounds like it can't
be far behind anywa.

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