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> Were any artillery units used by any side in the UC
> universe other than the
> Xamel?

Lots of them, starting with the Feds. The most
familiar one goes to RX-75 "Guntank" and RMV-1
"Guntank II", they are long-range artillery support MS
appear in UC 0079, & Guntank's mass-produced version
demonstrates this point perfectly in episode 10 of
"The 08th MS Team" OVA, when the Feds used them to
blast Zeon's secret mountain base. The Guntank appears
once more in "F91" movie, this time as RXR-44 "Guntank
R-44", which is rendered obsolete by UC 0123.

and then there is the RX-77 "Guncannon" series. They
provides mid-range artillery support as well as
limited close combat abilities. The "GM" series also
got its artillery MS, most notably RGC-80 "GM Cannon"
in 0079 era, and RGC-83 "GM Cannon II" (the one
piloted by Chuck Keith in "Gundam 0083" OVA). Then in
Silhouette Formula 91, we have the F71B "G-Cannon

Last but not least for the Feds, is the RB-79 "Ball"
mobile space pod, which is equipped with a 175mm
cannon. A large group of them is an impressive space
artillery unit.

For Zeons, there's the MS-06K "Zaku Cannon", in which
same variants are known to be equipped with heavy
artillery gun (see episode 3 of "08MST" OVA) instead
of the normal anti-aircraft gun. The same can be said
for MS-14C "Gelgoog Cannon", as the model samples
appeared on Hobby Japan's "Gundam Weapon: Master Grade
MS-14 Gelgoog special edition" suggested many possible
Gelgoog Cannon variants.

Finally, if you include mega-particle cannons, then
Neo-Zeon's RMS-099B "Sturm Dias" will fit the bill as
its back is equipped with 2 huge mpcs.

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