Jae Yang (gundamfrx87@email.msn.com)
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 18:17:27 -0400

>The Argama has two cubical (well, rectilinear -- they're about a fourth
>longer than they are wide and tall) structures that can be docked on either
>side of the superstructure that supports the bridge when they aren't
>deployed. When they are deployed, they extend outward in opposite
>directions on the ends of three-section telescoping arms. When fully
>extended, the distance between this is about equal to the length of the
>ship. The arms form an axis between the two structures, which rotate in a
>plane perpendicular to the ships line of travel and vertical axis.
>These two structures comprise the Argama's gravity block system.

Is that why I see those structures retracted during the combat? And what are
those two circular things on each of those structures?

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