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<< out of frustration...i have to ask -- what do you guys do to remedy loose
 joints in model kits? i have heard about people shaving the ball
 joints...but tight joint aren't my problem (i actually like it if the joints
 fit really tightly. that way, they can hold any pose for indefinite periods
 of times. i hate being on the verge of sleep at night, only to be disturbed
 by a model kit falling over...).
 would roughing up the plastic or polycaps work? (i mean...improvise and cut
 some small grooves into the contact areas...to get more friction or
 something...or use pliers and sort of squeeze the circular peg-holes
 tighter?) >>

could try painting the joints...making them thicker and fit tighter...i know
what u mean...i prefer tighter joints...

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