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>>Yes, it's a drum about 60 to 70 meters (195 to 230 feet) in diameter on
>>Pegasus-class ships. On Argama-class ships, there are two cubical
>>structures that orbit the ship on extensible arms.
>I don't think that is a rotating cubical structure, (of course I could be
>wrong) but a nuclear pulse engine, particle generator, secondary thruster,
>or just something to look good. (Hehe...) From the picture, and schematics I
>saw of Agama, it looks highly unlikely that there is room for rotating arm.
>I wonder where you saw it 'orbiting', please explain to us. Thanks.

The Argama has two cubical (well, rectilinear -- they're about a fourth
longer than they are wide and tall) structures that can be docked on either
side of the superstructure that supports the bridge when they aren't
deployed. When they are deployed, they extend outward in opposite
directions on the ends of three-section telescoping arms. When fully
extended, the distance between this is about equal to the length of the
ship. The arms form an axis between the two structures, which rotate in a
plane perpendicular to the ships line of travel and vertical axis.

These two structures comprise the Argama's gravity block system.


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