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> Howard. He along with the 5 Gundam scientists created the original
> Tallgeese. He wasn't involved with the 5's abortive effort on Wing Gundam
> Zero nor the 5 individual Gundams. I believe he build the space battleship
> Peacemillion with one of the scientists.

You're right. He built the Peacemillion along with Prof. G on the moon.
After its completion in AC192, he heads back to earth, and becomes a part of
the Sweeper group there. Sweeper group (sort of space scavengers) is the
organization that Prof. G and Duo belonged to, and Duo later goes back to
work for them after the series ends. (Of course, none of this is contained
in the series... It's in Blind Target radio drama and Episode 0 manga)

mirai y

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