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>> What I believe is, this is just a theory but, that Chen's will (so to
>> was transfered to the Crystal when she died. Same with Larah, I don't
>> if Larah had crystal, (Since I have no copy of original series) but
>> remaining aura (?) in the crystal made it possible for her to intervene
>> Amuro's mind in CCA.
>So, where did this crystal come from? I don't remember it in the original
>series. I will go back and watch them a bit more closely now, to see if the
>crystal is there and try to determine how, and why it was used. And
>does come up as to why Chan Agi had it in the first place.
I don't know, maybe crystal(T thing, Psycho Frame... ?) is something of
technological origin? Or maybe it's just placebo? Or it might even be
something of supernatural thingie. If the first assumption is correct, it
might be the portable version of devices that are equiped in cockpit, and it
somehow helps wearer's neural wave to be calibrated to best integrated with
the machine (computer, or whatever that is, since we see that newtypes are
usually good with machines), thus better performance. I very much doubt that
it's the second guess... But don't forget the power of persuasion... woooo~
scary. Anyhow, third would have equal chance of being the actual thing as
what first guess could be. But we shall never know unless someone asks
sunrise or someone who knows these stuff tells us in this ml.

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