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Jae Yang wrote:

> She died while trying to protect amuro in the original Gundam era, and
> somehow her spirit (?) is haunting (or to warn?) Amuro. Because similar
> things happens with Quess Paraya, Amuro thinks that it was all Char's fault
> and so on. Anyways, that's the story. And I've watched the movie too, and
> also have copy of it. If I got anything wrong, pease feel free to reply.

Just nit-picking...didn't Lala die while saving CHAR from AMURO? IIRC, Amuro
was about to skewer Chars Gelgoog with his beam saber when Lala bumped it out of
the way with her Elmeth, ending up with her getting skewered.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres

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