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Fri, 16 Jul 1999 19:04:06 PHT

>The Gundam Wing thing is actually hewing a bit too close
>to how military systems operate in some third world countries.

which is actually why i'm having trouble following it's political
acrobatics. i'm a peabrain when it comes to politics, and i find myself
reading along the gundam project's story synopsis to follow (or try to) the
more subtle twists in the (sometimes dragging) story.

and yeah...g-wing does have a certain brutality that the other series don't
have. mostly having to do with heero. aside from his overwhelming
fatalism, the guy can give wile e. cayote a run for should-be-dead-by-now
grammy award.

and to the pretty-boy aspect of g-wing...

i have to confess...i was dense enough to *not* notice the pretty-boy
qualities of g-wing (i look at the mecha y'know...:P). it was only when i
surfed the net for info on g-wing that i found out this bishonen thing (i
first watched g-wing around episode 35+ already...when wufei was going on a
killing spree. i was, of course, taken in by the altron nataku. not that i
understood anything that was actually being said, having jumped in on the
last 15 episodes. :P

but now that it's been mentioned, yes, the pretty-boy bit kinda irks me a
little. ah, well. (they overdid it by giving quatre a female
voice-actor...gaaaaah!) but i don't see how it should doom the entire g-wing
series to scorn. i'm still enticed to watch g-wing, and i sure am not
watching it for fawning over the characters. i mean...the original mobile
suit gundam had it's share of teenage puppy love themes (matilda, sleggar).

like i said, it's very interesting to watch mobile suit gundam and g-wing at
the same time. i'm able to like both. :)

g-wing question: who's the thin, sunglass wearing, bermuda shirt attired
geek? the one who helps duo in the first dozen episodes, and helped zechs
with his tallgeese, and eventually ends up with everyone aboard the
peacemillion? i don't quite get what he has to do with anything.

trivial translations of g-wing gundams (in filipino-english)
gundam, the desert
gundam, the cannon
gundam, the magic dragon (now this is silly), later called the double
gundam, the god of death
gundam, the avian (epyon)


mobile suit gundam question: in the 3rd movie, when char goes to see
kishiria in her room...what was being said? i have the subtitled version,
and the subtitles failed to appear for quite a good bit in that scene.
(they only appeared when kishiria says something about playing with 4 year
old char, and how she was amused to find out that char was casval, and
asking him what his plans are as char aznable, not casval daikun, etc.) i
didn't miss anything important did i? (subtitles are kinda hard on the

doesn't watch half the animation because of reading subtitles. that's what
i get for not being able to understand japanese :P

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