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<Subject: [gundam] Gundam Century Reprinted?>

Dyar wrote:

I got the same issue yesterday so I believe I can tell you something more...

>I picked up the July issue of Model Graphix because it has a Zaku II on the
>cover ("The most famous MS of A [sic] Year War MS-06F 'Zaku-II'") and a
>40-page Gundam feature on the inside.

And for your information, that said feature was composed of 1) Technological
tidbits on so-called U.C. Science in today's viewpoint 2) Kit review of PG
Gundam and PG Zaku 3) The history of Gunpla business, mainly on the behind
story of the legendary hobby comic named PLAMO KYOSHIRO (recently reprinted
in all five deluxe volume from Kodansha, I heard).

>But what really caught my attention was an item in the Headline Topics
>section on page 2: Gundam Century OUT. This could be just a profile of the
>classic book, by why put it in the "breaking news" section if it weren't
>about to become generally available again?


>Does anyone know if they're indeed reprinting Gundam Century and, if so,

The reprinting of Gundam Century was already announced in Asahiya's GUNDAM
THE MOVIES II film comic (pg.278) and it says "might be reprinted in next
spring" (the book was published in 1996.12, so it could mean 'spring 1997').
But as you know, they couldn't keep their promise and Tetsuo Daitoku, who
was originally the editor-in-chief of monthly magazine OUT and who also was
deeply involved in the produce of original GUNDAM CENTURY in 1981, had to
tell the waiting folks that it might be delayed A LITTLE LONGER in his special
interview issued in a book called '80-Nendai Anime Taizen' (COMPENDIUM OF 80'S
ANIME, literally. Published by Futaba-sha, 1998.10.19, ISBN4-575-46347-7,
838 Yen). Then again, they haven't finish their job so far. Thus Mr. Daitoku
had to make another public apology regarding the second delay through the news
section of Model Graphix you've got right now. It seems that they don't want
to make the book another ugly reprinted menace with poor quality, wrong
grammar, and many other errors. (Think about the NT 100% Collection reprints)
In other words, they seems to want to make the book as good as it gets, so
that it could be called UPDATED EDITION, not just reprinted version of
original. Thus, the reprinted version of GC is still on works, and the info
like publisher or release date are TO BE ANNOUNCED once they were confirmed

-Sunwook 'Waiting for GC, too' Kim

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