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> That T thing is a Crystal that helps New Types to develope their abilities
> and to displine their new found power. I don't know how it actually works,
> but it displines and developes new type power. Psysho frames are
> nodes in the certain mobile suits' cockpit that receives new types' (no
> how) telepathic messages and helps them control various things like
> Psycom-using bits or Funnels (I prefer to call them Fannels but who knows
> how it is spelled). And Psyco frame and Larah Sn and Crystal has nothing to
> do with one another. Larah was character in original Gundam, who helped
> Amuro to develope his new type abilities, (well, Char at that time was
> jealous because he couldn't communicate in way that new types could, and he
> despised himself for not being able to do that) and was also a Zeon pilot.
> She died while trying to protect amuro in the original Gundam era, and
> somehow her spirit (?) is haunting (or to warn?) Amuro. Because similar
> things happens with Quess Paraya, Amuro thinks that it was all Char's fault
> and so on. Anyways, that's the story. And I've watched the movie too, and
> also have copy of it. If I got anything wrong, pease feel free to reply.

What I meant by the Lalah Sune connection was that Amuro saw the "T" pass
before him in a vision sequence that included Lalah Sune forming out of a
phantom swan. Amuro has many visions like this in the movie, but it is in his
last vision that we also the "T" the was with Chan Agi. Hence where my
confusion lies.


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