Fri, 16 Jul 1999 01:36:04 EDT

Hi everyone,

        I just finished watching Char's Counter Attack for the first time.
The whole story made sense based on the fact that I've already watched the
original Gundam and Gundam Zeta, so I really enjoyed CCA. The one thing I
didn't get was the "T" thing that kept appearing in the show. I saw it on
Chan Agi's belt just before Hathaway killed her, followed by a light display
that had something to do with a psycho-frame. The I saw it again when Amuro
was pushing his psycho-frame when he was trying to stop Axis from falling,
again followed by an even bigger light show. What is this "T" thing, and what
does it have to do with psycho-frames and Lalah Sune?


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