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>>> General rule of thumb: all crew facilities will be located amidships in
>>> Gravity Block and most of the working areas will be in the vicinity of
>>> bridge, the MS hangar and the engines.
>>*nods* Logical layout. I've done up a Pegasus class, and that's
>>basically how I set it up, although I had to put the Brig outside of the
>>gravity block, as I assume that it's a carousel type centrifuge, ala
>>2001, A Space Odyssey.
>Yes, it's a drum about 60 to 70 meters (195 to 230 feet) in diameter on
>Pegasus-class ships. On Argama-class ships, there are two cubical
>structures that orbit the ship on extensible arms.
>However, the few times we've seen a brig, the occupants of the cells and
>everyone walking up and down the corridor behaved as if under normal gee.
>On the other hand, the ship was travelling cross-country on Earth Amuro,
>Sayla, Kozen, Kou, and Monsha were in lockup and I can't recall the
>circumstances when Sara Zabiarov (Z) and Ciara Soon (ZZ) were help as POWs.

I don't think that is a rotating cubical structure, (of course I could be
wrong) but a nuclear pulse engine, particle generator, secondary thruster,
or just something to look good. (Hehe...) From the picture, and schematics I
saw of Agama, it looks highly unlikely that there is room for rotating arm.
I wonder where you saw it 'orbiting', please explain to us. Thanks.

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