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>>Question for the masses. . .What is that white goo char shoots out of
>>the rick dias's(i think thats the mech) hand? Those hands seem to be
>>regular swiss army knives . . flare you say? no problem. . white goo?
>>no sweat. . .
> some gundam MS's have a trick or two up their literal or figurative
>sleeves. The Zeta had rockets in the forearm, The Nu had a backup saber,
>the NT had those shred-o-matic guns, the f91 had a spare shield in a side

To answer the question, though, the "white goo" is called torimochi, the
Japanese word for "birdlime", a sticky substance usually made from the bar
of a holly that is smeared on twigs to snare small birds, a word now used
generically for anything that ensnares, especially through adhesion.

In Gundam, "torimochi" refers to the gel used to seal breaches in spaceship
or colony hulls. Though normally released in plastic globes that are drawn
by vacuum to the breach, where they rupture and release the gel like so
many water balloons, torimochi can also be sprayed from hoses, pressurized
canisters or, as you noted, MS fingers.

They also refer to the sticky plastic strips uses to seal tears in normal
suits as "Bansoko" -- the Japanese version of Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages.


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