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> >Question for the masses. . .What is that white goo char
> shoots out of
> >the rick dias's(i think thats the mech) hand? Those hands seem to be
> >regular swiss army knives . . flare you say? no problem. . white goo?
> >no sweat. . .
> >meta
> some gundam MS's have a trick or two up their literal
> or figurative
> sleeves. The Zeta had rockets in the forearm, The Nu had a
> backup saber,
> the NT had those shred-o-matic guns, the f91 had a spare
> shield in a side
> pack.

Also, alot of high performance MS also hide dummy balloon inside the hand.
These dummy balloon are use to waste enemy's time, and also give your side
the appearance of having a bigger army. The onboard computer cannot
distinguish between a real MS and a dummy balloon. Also for the purpose of
safe communication, direct physical contact creates secure com link.

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