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>Zecks has a background of shame? Military is military. Ok, think of it
>this way...if you were the admiral of the entire army (per example, the
>admiral doesn't really control the military; government does) and you had a
>choice of how to setup your military would do it? Nicely neat
>and organized where you can control your troops in anyway possible so that
>the military does what it's supposed to; fight efficiently? Or would you
>have them scatter about like little children free for whatever they want to
>do and call them when they have the free time or isn't killing something a
>particular soldier has a vengence upon?

        That's beside the point, really. If, and I only say if, the military in
Gundam runs along the style of ancient military systems, specially those
where the aristocrats were the officers, that happens all the time.
        Another Case in Point: the current Philippine armed forces. The
mitlitary here is so obsessed with interpolitics that it's not unusual to
hear of what are practically clan feuds going on within the military
establishment, where there are certain groups which are also in league with
certain political factions, where some provincial groups are practically
private armies. That's why the political/military wrangling and quirkiness
in Gundam Wing isn't so confusing for me...I've seen it here. heck, would
you believe we have a recon squad here called the Long Hair battalion (they
were on assignment for long periods of time, so...)? And that we have
special operatives who function much like Zechs, people who are outside of
the chain of command, sometimes even whole groups, like the PACC
(Presidential Anti-Crime Commision -- shades of the Titans, to be honest).
back in the time of Marcos, there were even special opaeratives called the
Aguilas (eagles), whose function was to be a counter-terrorist unit against
the communist Sparrow units, which were urban terror squads. These Aguilas
were using the same tactics, sometimes even pretending to be Sparrow units
themselves and then killing from within. There are also cases of
defections from one side to the other here, from communist to government
and vice versa. The Gundam Wing thing is actually hewing a bit too close
to how military systems operate in some third world countries.

>Try not to compare it with something else. Think of it this way...would
>you want to fight with really short hair in melee combat where hair
>wouldn't get in the way? Or fight with really long hair in melee combat
>where it could get in the way? Long hair could deter vision, the enemy
>could pull it so it would put them to their advantage, etc...I don't know
>about you, but if I was in a combat mecha or just in plain personnel melee
>combat, I wouldn't want anything adhereing my efficiency to keep myself

        well, old military systems aren't exactly kosher, if you know what i mean...

>Although that may be true, there are a lot things I would want to see
> retrieval ships! Ok you eject, but who's going to pick you up
>in the vastness of space???? And most of the weapons in Gundam nowadays
>and back then (except in 0079), end up destroying the MS completely...let
>alone leave any chance for escape pods to launch.

        That I would have to agree SAR units.

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