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>One problem I have with Gundam Wing is exactly what you said. Is it a
>growing trend to have younger and younger children as the main characters
>doing violent things? I mean, Evangelion had it's reasons; children
>because they were so simple they were able to dramatize the end of the
>world much better than adults would. Adults are sinners (or so they call
>them) and much less entertaining to watch. >=) The reason I hate Wing the
>most is that too many people (girls) watch it mainly for the pretty boy
>content. Gundam used to be about politics, characters within the politics,
>mecha, and war...which is in turn politics.

        Well, I tried following the political manueverings in NOT
impressed. It was all so...forced, in a way. I would have preferred it if
there had been glimmers of all the political plays in the first few
episodes, but the way the story went, it was like a deus ex-machina
everytime a new factor came into being. as for the girls, well, it's
another law of anime: what gets the most viewers works.

>>2) all the political factions and maneuverings are confusing me. there's a
>>certain appeal to the political side of things, but when there are
>>revolutions within revolutions, and factions within factions (not to
>>personality disorders within personality disorders) it tends to drag. lady
>>une gets on my nerves for some reason.
>I think they just did those revolutions for drama's sake...they had no
>other way to evoke it.

        Actually, it reminded me more of medieval power plays and factions more
than anything else.

>I can understand Char in 0079 wearing a mask 'cause that was still in
>transition with the samurai mecha shows and the realistic mecha shows.
>Votoms was just one of the realistic shows trying to stand it's ground,
>Gundam pretty much broke the tide. And yeah you have a point. :) The
>Wing military doesn't run like a military...runs like a school playground.

        Actually, their military looks more like how military establishments were
in past history: aristocrats are the officers, and grunts are, well,
grunts. The aristocrats get all sorts of privileges and loopholes in the
rules, while the normal soldier gets crap and strict rules and all that.

>Ejection seats...where the heck are you going to eject to????? In Wing
>there aren't any retrieval boats!!!!!! In Star Wars, actually only two
>ships have an ejection seat; Tie Bomber, and the other
>ship...but I'm pretty sure the Bomber has a ejection seat. Reason why the
>other's have no ejection seats is because when a ship explodes; usually
>takes the pilot with it, and even if they eject, it's too much trouble to
>retrieve the pilots...for the Empire that is.

        Also, look at it this way...if you're on the ground, ejection would just
as dangerous; if you're ejected randomly, you could be ejected straight
into the ground. if you're ejected up into the air, you become a target
for any of the nearest enemy MS's.

>Hehehe, my biggest question is that there are GUNS...And Deathscythe only
>has a melee weapon...what the hecks with that? Why even have guns then?
>If melee weapons are so effective then forget the extra payload for ammo
>and multiple ranged weapons...just give them tons of melee weapons or
>something...or probably make the Gundam with beam spikes sticking out all
>over the body so all it would have to do is run into it's enemies! =P The
>really big thing is that Heavy Arms inconsistently runs out of ammo. It
>sometimes runs out of ammo REALLY quickly...then sometimes it doesn't...but
>what really burns me is that Heavy Arms has a lot of ranged weaponary...but
>funny thing is that he uses ALL of it on just a couple of guys...when
>probably just a couple of shots from his gatling would do the trick. It's
>been proven in Gundam that markmanship weapons (pinpoint weaponary) like
>beam rifles, etc are the most effective and cost worthy in why
>the heck would they give Heavy Arms a gazillion different automatic

        The only thing i can think of to answert that is pretty stupid: that
there are unseen advantages to solid projectile weapons. I tmay have
something to do with armor composition, I'm not sure. As for beam weapons,
well, they do operate using the MS's generator...that could be a limiting
factor. in the case of DS, the reason why it's practically the only weapon
is because it uses som much energy -- remember, that damn scythe has weird
properties, like being usable underwater without short circuiting. Also, I
agree with you, with that much ammunition and with the presumably superior
targetting systems, there's no actual need for Trowa to go into Rambo mode
with teh HeavyArms. The best thing would be to to zigzag around the battle
field and pick off MS's as one goes around. since there is no beam weapon
for the generator to power, the Heavy Arms must be quite manueverable, or
at least it should have good power ratings.

>More inconsistency...but you know...why does the buster rifles have to be
>so damn big??? And plus there are two of them! Again, it's been proven
>that to have really powerful beam weapons the size of the gun doesn't
>REALLY count. Well kinda...

        It's anime coolness again at work...for me, anything with the Wing's
capabilities should be given a goodrifle and a nice melee weapon, or just
melee weapons (its speed would make it deadly). Big buster rifles should
be reserved for support mecha, or for Heavy artillery (like the FAZZ, or
the Zeta+).

>>8) tallgeese question: why is it so renowned for it's speed and power,
>>it's speed ability is only 150, and fighting ability only 100? (what are
>>the ratings for other gundams of other series?)
>I hate to determine mecha fighting ability like this...can't they give the
>turning speed, generator output, limb speed, etc??? Wing doesn't have any
>of these attributes...probably because they couldn't pin an explanation for
>it. XD

        Exactly. WHile I like the Wing mecha for its looks...specially the EW
stuff, I hate the fact that they are totally unexplainable by Gundam
standards, specially those feathered wing thingies, duh. and the DSHC's
batwings come close, too. My true favorite is the Sandrock Custom. It
looks so Nagano FSS at certain things. and even escaflowne-ish if you put
the cape stuff on without the front cloth.

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