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>One problem I have with Gundam Wing is exactly what you said. Is it a
>growing trend to have younger and younger children as the main characters
>doing violent things?

Uhm, not necessarily. They've always been quite young. Amuro was 15,
Camille was 16, Judo was 14, Usso was 13, Garrod was 15. (I may be a year
off on some of these...)

>The reason I hate Wing the
>most is that too many people (girls) watch it mainly for the pretty boy
>content. Gundam used to be about politics, characters within the politics,
>mecha, and war...which is in turn politics.

I think girls like it because the characters and their actions are extremely
interesting to discuss and analyze. I personally find them the most
interesting set of characters to come along in the Gundam series since the
First. (OK, I admit it, I'm a *girl*) If you're looking for a series about
politics, mecha, and war, have you seen Gasaraki? It's extremely political,
very realistic, one of my most favorite shows in years. If you liked Votoms,
I recommend it highly. (Of course, it's also one of those shows that you
need a dictionary of background terminology to figure out what's really going
on - took me a couple of viewings plus searching the net for the terms they
use - but it's worth it!)

>how does zechs (and for that matter, char) get away with wearing a mask?
>(not to mention the long locks of hair :P) i mean, it's a military
>organization! the long hair, i can ignore, but not the mask.

If I remember correctly, Char claimed he had a badly burned and scarred face
- that was the official explanation. I don't remember if that was actually
mentioned in the series... I saw it 20 yrs. ago. As for Zechs, remember, he
is in the "Specials", a despised subunit of the military, controlled by
Romefeller, and his commanding officer is Treize - his childhood friend.
That's probably how he got away with it. (Earlier on, when he first joins,
he wears sunglasses, not a mask, and had shorter hair. That's only in the
Endless Waltz novelization and Episode Zero manga, though)

>2) all the political factions and maneuverings are confusing me. there's a
>certain appeal to the political side of things, but when there are
>revolutions within revolutions, and factions within factions (not to mention
>personality disorders within personality disorders) it tends to drag. lady
>une gets on my nerves for some reason.

>I think they just did those revolutions for drama's sake...they had no
>other way to evoke it.

Losing many of the key staff members working on the series mid-season also
didn't help...

>Ejection seats...where the heck are you going to eject to????? In Wing
>there aren't any retrieval boats!!!!!!

According to the Endless Waltz novel (written by Sumisawa, one of the major
writers of show), all the MS in GW did have ejection seats which were ejected
as a life pod so that the pilot can survive an explosion, unless the seat was
directly hit. He stated that this accounted for the very low death toll of
MS pilots during the war.

>>9) i notice a lot of stock footage in g-wing. well, i suppose that's
>for any tv series? i'm tired of seeing the heavyarms' combat
>animations...they're the most boring of all. i never get tired of the
>nataku shooting it's arms though. did the virsago also do that?

>This I can understand...it's a small company that did the franchise. But
>it's Gundam...they shouldv' gotten a bigger budget.

The rumor among the anime industry is that people working on Gundam do not
get paid very well. Despite all the publicity, Turn A is not even shown in a
large portion of Japan. (Including the only area that I have a cousin who
would have been willing to record it for me) And in many areas, they're
being shown during very bad times of the day, or are shown a week late, or
preempted for other shows, which really makes me wonder.

mirai yashima

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