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>how many pinoys on the list? (an even dumber question: how many people are
>in the mailing list?)

That's difficult to count. :) Not everyone says something. hehe

>anyway...some comments (not slobbering praise, heh) on g-wing (bear with me,
>it's what's occupying my gundam time for now...i'll do a 0083 marathon one
>of these weekends, and i'll have a lot of 0083 questions then :P). i'm in
>the middle of g-wing now and past the "new series euphoria", so i can
>nitpick a little.

Here we start the bashing!! hehe j/k

>1) 15 year olds...don't they go to school or something? in the series, they
>go to school like it's a party anyone can crash. they come and go, and
>transfer schools. heero even uses duo's name (now that took a lot of
>foresight) in enrollment. they play hooky a lot and it sort of bugs me as
>unrealistic (well, somewhat...). why 15 year olds in the first place? (is
>it the pretty boy craze or something?) and a 16 year old girl? the queen of
>a nation? (then again...gundam strikes me as a mix of medieval and

One problem I have with Gundam Wing is exactly what you said. Is it a
growing trend to have younger and younger children as the main characters
doing violent things? I mean, Evangelion had it's reasons; children
because they were so simple they were able to dramatize the end of the
world much better than adults would. Adults are sinners (or so they call
them) and much less entertaining to watch. >=) The reason I hate Wing the
most is that too many people (girls) watch it mainly for the pretty boy
content. Gundam used to be about politics, characters within the politics,
mecha, and war...which is in turn politics.

>2) all the political factions and maneuverings are confusing me. there's a
>certain appeal to the political side of things, but when there are
>revolutions within revolutions, and factions within factions (not to mention
>personality disorders within personality disorders) it tends to drag. lady
>une gets on my nerves for some reason.

I think they just did those revolutions for drama's sake...they had no
other way to evoke it.

>3) how does zechs (and for that matter, char) get away with wearing a mask?
>(not to mention the long locks of hair :P) i mean, it's a military
>organization! the long hair, i can ignore, but not the mask.
>and, presumably, the false records and histories behind their assumed
>identities? how do they hide those? (is it just to fill the angst and
>dark-past content requirement?)

I can understand Char in 0079 wearing a mask 'cause that was still in
transition with the samurai mecha shows and the realistic mecha shows.
Votoms was just one of the realistic shows trying to stand it's ground,
Gundam pretty much broke the tide. And yeah you have a point. :) The
Wing military doesn't run like a military...runs like a school playground.
>4) are there no ejection seats in gundams? (is it the same for other gundam
>series?) i read in some fan website that it's because the gundam pilots are
>chosen for extreme courage (one might say lunacy...) that ejection seats are
>not necessary. and thus, the option of ejecting might weaken the pilot's

>resolve to win in battle. uhm...i don't yet know what to think of that,
>but it's kinda hard to take. a bit on the illogical side. (no to
>ejections, yes to self-destruct?)

Ejection seats...where the heck are you going to eject to????? In Wing
there aren't any retrieval boats!!!!!! In Star Wars, actually only two
ships have an ejection seat; Tie Bomber, and the other
ship...but I'm pretty sure the Bomber has a ejection seat. Reason why the
other's have no ejection seats is because when a ship explodes; usually
takes the pilot with it, and even if they eject, it's too much trouble to
retrieve the pilots...for the Empire that is.

>5) the army knife of the heavyarms gundam. er...ah...WHAT FOR??? when
>everyone's using beam sabers, beam scythes and beam polearms...the heavyarms
>gets shafted (no pun) with an ugly looking army knife (with which trowa uses
>to unbelievable efficiency. i mean...cutting mobile suits in half with that

Hehehe, my biggest question is that there are GUNS...And Deathscythe only
has a melee weapon...what the hecks with that? Why even have guns then?
If melee weapons are so effective then forget the extra payload for ammo
and multiple ranged weapons...just give them tons of melee weapons or
something...or probably make the Gundam with beam spikes sticking out all
over the body so all it would have to do is run into it's enemies! =P The
really big thing is that Heavy Arms inconsistently runs out of ammo. It
sometimes runs out of ammo REALLY quickly...then sometimes it doesn't...but
what really burns me is that Heavy Arms has a lot of ranged weaponary...but
funny thing is that he uses ALL of it on just a couple of guys...when
probably just a couple of shots from his gatling would do the trick. It's
been proven in Gundam that markmanship weapons (pinpoint weaponary) like
beam rifles, etc are the most effective and cost worthy in why
the heck would they give Heavy Arms a gazillion different automatic
>6) what's with the endless waltz deathscythe feet? (what does a
>"hyperjammer" do, btw? i can't read japanese, so the explanations on the
>model kits are no good to me :(

Don't know about this one. :) Wing disappointed me so much I didn't
bother to watch my copy of EW yet. hehe

>7) i have to say...i don't like the wing gundam zero's design. i especially
>dislike the buster rifles. it's power and ammunitions are not very
>consistent throughout the series. how does the buster rifle destroy two
>leos in one shot (i found the scene corny), and yet...the twin buster rifle
>fails to destroy heero's mercurius in one extended blast? it punches the
>mercurius straight through the colony's hull?? and doesn't kill heero? (the
>guy's abnormal, i know...but isn't this stretching it a bit? just for
>cinematic effect, so heero (and later trowa) gets to give another speech?)

More inconsistency...but you know...why does the buster rifles have to be
so damn big??? And plus there are two of them! Again, it's been proven
that to have really powerful beam weapons the size of the gun doesn't
REALLY count. Well kinda...

>8) tallgeese question: why is it so renowned for it's speed and power,
>it's speed ability is only 150, and fighting ability only 100? (what are
>the ratings for other gundams of other series?)

I hate to determine mecha fighting ability like this...can't they give the
turning speed, generator output, limb speed, etc??? Wing doesn't have any
of these attributes...probably because they couldn't pin an explanation for
it. XD

>9) i notice a lot of stock footage in g-wing. well, i suppose that's normal
>for any tv series? i'm tired of seeing the heavyarms' combat
>animations...they're the most boring of all. i never get tired of the
>nataku shooting it's arms though. did the virsago also do that?

This I can's a small company that did the franchise. But
it's Gundam...they shouldv' gotten a bigger budget.

>10) how do gundams get named (not by the characters, but by the producers of
>the show)? any particular trend per series? there's a lot of zodiac in
>g-wing (where'd they come up with "epyon" and "vayeatte"?), and kinda
>"flowery" in 0083.

Probably the mecha designers...go ask them. :)

>11) general gundam question: how far can the boosters on gundams take them?
> can they fly? or just hop around? watching the original rx-78 in the
>movies...i can't tell. (the catapult for launching the gundam was
>nice...but kinda impractical...i think).

And again the mecha stats plz!! But nope...they won't give it to us. ^_^

>12) i was reading the january archives on the camera unit. i thought the
>main cameras would be the two eyes (for 3d effect), and the backup on the
>v-crest or mohawk structure. but are there no other cameras set in the body
>of the mobile suits? (if the head gets smashed, no more vision?) i'm not
>sure i get the idea of piloting based on cameras. it's still an odd concept
>for me. not even a visible cockpit?

They should realize that the head would be the main target for any mobile
suit...well in melee combat...if all the MS' cameras are in the head...when
they know this...they should put the cameras in other places too.

>13) what are a beam weapon's properties? do they burn on contact? or just
>form a magnetic field? (what i mean is, if you touch a beam weapon to
>armor, will it burn through the armor, or do you have to exert effort to
>slash it, like a normal steel weapon?) richie has explained to me the beam
>saber's origins in star wars...but...i'm still wrestling with the idea of a
>hand-held weapon in a world of mechs, big big big guns. (precognition by
>the force was there to justify wielding lightsabers against guns...but beam

In the "real" Gundam world, hence Universal Century, mecha usually ran out
of ammunition during combat, so they would have to return to ship to
reload. During this time they're pretty much unarmed, so they gave them
some sort of melee weapon to defend themselves till then. I mean it makes
sense somewhat. If you give a soldier (in reality) a gun and ammo, you
don't just give him just'd probably want to give him a melee
weapon for close encounters or for defense when he's out of ammo. Just
something which "doesn't run out" and can alway (kinda) rely on when things
are tough. And a beam weapon burns on can just gently push
it into anything and it would be the same as forcefully pushing it.

A beam weapon is...well I suggest going to and read up on
beam weapons in their stuff...they have it all explained. :)

>and then there was a comment on how macross would be a silly love story with
>bad metaphysical dabbling if stripped of it's mechamorphosing valkyries.
>hey, i resent that! :) i actually liked the thing between rick and lisa (in
>robotech anyway). i think the jack mckinney novels handled it well. and i
>liked the protoculture bit (both robotech and macross versions). the
>metaphysics are a bit twisted but...they sort of appeal to me. (minmei,
>however, remains to be a pain in the butt, be it macross or robotech). but
>this is off topic.

Hehehe, Robotech and Macross are two different things...don't mix them up.
I think they kill you for that. ^_^ Macross was good; it was meant to be
a fairy tale kinda story. Gundam isn't; it's a lot more serious and for
the fans that enjoy reading up on the tech specs of a MS.

>well, that's enough out of this newbie.
>my favorite scene in g-wing is still "i will kill you" bit. >:P

I liked CCA better. ^^;;


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