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Copyright sloppyright... I laugh at the face of danger... They don't like
it, well they can kiss my... "Click click (sound of handcuffs ...and I like
it :P)"...Hey, hey!!! What the... where do you think you are taking me?!
Hey, I don't give a damn if you are FBI... I am a close friend of Agent
Mulder!! Let... me... go... Ahh! That hurt man! Take it easy... You
haven't hurt the last of me yet!! Whada you mean shut up?! ...... (Exit as
cop cars pull out of my driveway...) :D
Gus Jae
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> The reason you don't find more galleries is probably an aftermath of the
> Gainax "web crackdown" - they posted guidelines and laid out the rules
> regarding use of Evangelion images on the web for fans who wanted to build
> Eva homepages. As a consequence, copyright issues began to creep into the
> (sub)consciousness of other anime fan page designers, and The Gundam
> was among one to shed its use of copyrighted images.
> Eddie

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