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Hey Guys,

I'm just catching up with my mail from the past week, so I'm going to
combine a
bunch of messages in one. I've got to tell you though, 12 hours of
straight Gundam
can blow your mind. After Otakon, I have plenty of questions and
comments, but
that much Gundam can burn you out.

On Tue, 06 Jul 1999 22:13:23 +0800 Richie Ramos <gaijin@i-manila.com.ph>
> >Speaking of Zeta, has anyone seen a model of it? I've been looking all
> >and I have yet to find someone selling it. I even tried at Otakon,
> >nobody had any.
> Well the MG plated thingie is in stock here, but if you're looking for
> 1/144 HG...well, that's a bit rare here too...rarest would be the
> OLD-style kit...of which there is 1 in existence here in the Phil.

I understand that there are 2 different MG models. A straight one and a
plated one
of some sort. What is the real difference between them?

>From: Chris Beilby <cbeilby@earthlink.net>
>Be careful about the MG Zeta, Linwood. It's a nice looking kit, but
>there are a lot of problems with it, specifically in the
>transformation. (I've basically just decided to give it up, and glue
>mine permanantly into MS mode, then get one of the old 1/100 Zetas to
>build permanantly in wave rider.)

The reason I really kind of want the MG is because I already have the
old 1/100. The only problem is that because of an unfortunate glue bottle
spilling accident, all of the transformation parts got melted into flat
pieces. So while it looks okay, it isn't exactly a work of art. That's
despite the fact
that I did some remodeling to get the kit finished. I also have the Zeta
and while that is an awesome kit, the transformation sequence leaves it
unstable. After a couple of accidents, I cemented it, repainted it in
colors, and left it in MS mode. So the way I see it, if the MGs are
supposed to
be the near pinacle of Gundam building, the MG Zeta should be the best
ever made.
But anyway, back to the availability of the model. So far, I've had
better luck
finding the old 1/100 than the MG. It seems that nobody has had one in a
I know it is pretty bad when I go to a convention, and I see at least 7
Super Gundam and Zaku MGs, but not one dealer had a single Zeta.
Also, how much have the rest of you spent on the Super Gundam. I got
mine for $45. Was that a good price?


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