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>I was refering more a layout showing where in the ship various areas
>are, to make it easier for me to do the ship geography for Gundam MUSH.

The closest you'll find to this is in Comic BomBom Special 84: MS Wars
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 (1992.11.12, Kodansha, ISBN4-06-103284-4). This
has a 12-page Space Battle Ship section, half of which is devoted to the
MSC-07 Albion. While the only part of the ship mapped out in detail is the
bridge, it does show a lot of details and you can get a pretty good idea of
the ship's overall design, which will help you figure out where things
*should* go.

General rule of thumb: all crew facilities will be located amidships in the
Gravity Block and most of the working areas will be in the vicinity of the
bridge, the MS hangar and the engines.


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