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Garrick Lee wrote:
hello to all in the mailing list.

i just signed on yesterday and am actually pretty new to the gundam series.

so, by way of introduction...i've been nothing more than a casual anime fan
(lots of macross and robotech, and a few odd anime here and there).

uhh... welcome?
i got hooked on to gundam by gundam wing (airing in the philippines.  i
think there are a few of my countrymen in this mailing list?).  one of the
few fringe benefits of being in between jobs. :P
yup me from there too =)
so i'm actually watching the original mobile suit gundam (movies) and the
gundam wing series at the same time.  (a very...interesting experience,
especially for a gundam freshie).  on that note -- can someone explain to me
what the consensus is on gundam wing?  (i think it's ok, but why do i get
the feeling that the long time purist fans sorta disdain g-wing?  or is it
just the websites i've seen?)
ask the older people =)
got my paws on stardust memory and char's counterattack (haven't watched
them yet).  no z gundam or zz gundam yet.  (i don't mind spoilers though --
i have a lousy memory anyway :)
well that's a good start...
i've read up on the gundam project website (and received a hefty dose of
information overload...oh, my aching noggin).
you'll get the hang of it...
g-wing impressions.  i must be crazy...wufei is actually my favorite g-wing
pilot (because of his attitude problem...doh!).  and the altron nataku my
favorite gundam.  maybe the virsago too.  (purely from the
mechanical-artistic point of view, mind you.  there's something about the
extending arms, however unrealistic and uber-funky, that grabs me (no pun)).
   i'm dense enough to not understand why everyone hates relena, but not too
dense to not like noin and sally, heh.  (what do 15 year olds know about
war?  i just had to ask that...)
they're not just 15 year olds-- they're psycho 15 year olds... =)
oh and liking Wufei is okay... it's better than liking them just because of
their looks or anything aside from their fighting abilities...
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