Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 13:03:23 PDT

> >I was just comparing Katoki's realistic manga art in the Sentinal book
> >to Kondo's short story.
>I'm not sure I've got the same manga then. Kondo has a series of MS designs
>in the back, including the G-3(which is shown, evidentally, is an update of
>the Elmeth MA). However, the actualy comic contained in the book is most
>certainly *not* Kondo's artwork.

What is the story about? The main one is a Zeta era story featuring
the Asshimar and the MK-III Gundam, with a short story featuring the
Z-Gustav flying over the moon's surface and ending up in a hanger bay.
It also includes Kondo's MS designs in back, including the G-3 and
Z, ZZ and CCA MS.

Kondo's artwork for The Dogs Of War, on
>the other hand, definately places him with Katoki for MS artwork with a
>realistic *feel* to it. I'm disappointed we haven't seen much Gundam
>material from Kondo in recent years.

Kondo's mecha illustrations are impressive, but his chara work is
weak in comparison to Katoki.

>BTW, Dogs is set just before Char's Counterattack, and while the Feds do
>use Jegans, there's also what appear to be GM versions of the Dijeh(which
>*may* be called Jaguars, but that's hearsay from Mecha Press). Of course,
>there's also Kondo's G-Commander MA, a ponderously huge hybrid of
>hover-battleship and Gundam, sent to wipe out a force of Geara Doga who've
>just made planetfall. It just gets ugly.
Cool! I do remember seeing a Kondo MS named a Jaguar in HJ, with a odd
shaped head...

Mark Kai

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