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>I doubt this. I live in the area, and I do know something about the
>various sites available. IIRC from my last visit to Anime Expo (two
>years ago at the LAX site,) the con required something like 5 large
>ballrooms and at least six or seven more conference rooms, and was
>terribly overcrowded, with video tracks having a waiting line, The Art
>Show being overcrowded, and the dealer's room being seperated into two

The LAX Hilton site was terrible. If you went 2 years ago, I think you
probably stood in line forever before they let you in. Better befriend a
dealer before the weekend, if ya know what I mean. ;)

>The last time I was an attendee at the Anaheim Convention
>Center, I believe that there were eight large ballrooms allocated to the
>Con in the hotel, plus two even larger ballroom type areas and the small
>auditorium in the convention center itself which were set aside for us.
>The latter two ballrooms, in the convention center facilities were
>specifically designated as the video programming rooms, and the
>auditorium was designated for opening and closing ceremonies, as well as
>the movie screening room. That was the year that Tenchi Muyo in Love
>premiered at the con, and, due to Pioneer bringing it on Video Tape
>rather than 35mm movie stock, it had to be moved to Video 1, which was
>pretty much full for both the Dubbed screening on Saturday and the
>Subbed screening on Sunday. Basically, the Disneyland Hotel does not
>have, IMHO, the facilities to support this sort of convention.

Is the Disneyland Hotel too far to use the Convention Center facilities?
After all, the Anaheim Hilton is almost right next to Disneyland.

>In addition, the fact is that the Disneyland Hotel is approximately 25%
>more expensive to book than the hotels in the convention center, and the
>very strict security policies of the company would put us at their mercy
>when it came to things like artwork and programming. In other words,
>there would be NO YAOI, NO YURI, and NO HENTAI allowed at the con as a

Good! :)

>Now, while these do not particularly appeal to me, there is a
>good portion of american Anime fandom that it do like this stuff. By
>holding it at the Disneyland Hotel, SPJA would be alienating all of
>these fans to some extent.

I think they did not have a choice. Perhaps they did not do their booking
early enough and Disneyland Hotel was the only option left.


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