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>>There's the simple fact that the shield was build to take the brunt of
>>nuclear blast, and the suit's own routine coolant system probably
>>handle the heatwave from such a blast(thus, the shield is not only
>>and thick, but has it's own "emergency" coolant system).
> But as we see in the first few eps, the shield cooling systems is
>somehow not just
> for withstanding a nuclear blast and cooling in such case, but for
>cooling of
> normal operation - ie Gato was forced to fly away. Also, how the
>heck does it
> work, the only contact is through the hand, I dont think there's a
>lock, like for the
> GP01's shield. I believe hands can bes used to generate heat (ie
>Gouf sword),
> but using it to transfer all cooling?
> Neil Baumgardner

We know it has to have some kind of internal cooling system. Not only is
there there limited contact for heat exchange from the suit to the shield,
but the suit would have to have an internal cooling system to deal with its
reactor(minovsky particles couldn't handle *all* the heat). If anything,
the shield is some kind of huge "heat sink", not the cooling system itself,
an addition to the suit's internal cooling. The designers obviously took
the shield's cooling properties for granted, but keep in mind they didn't
expect the GP-02 to operate without the shield.


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