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>just a could AE be so stupid as to put GP-02's vital cooling
>system in its sheild? (unless it was not designed as a sheild, but it seems
>to be used as one frequently)...if that's such a weak point, why put it in
>the Gundam's most likely area to be hit?

There's the simple fact that the shield was build to take the brunt of a
nuclear blast, and the suit's own routine coolant system probably couldn't
handle the heatwave from such a blast(thus, the shield is not only massive
and thick, but has it's own "emergency" coolant system). Besides, I don't
think the shield was considered a weak point when designed, but as
fundamental part of the suit as the arms or legs. The shield was the
storage bay for a section of the unit's main weapon, as well as necessary
protection for use of the nuclear warhead, making the shield more than the
disposable metal plate is usually is. IIRC, the problem Gato had after
first using the nuclear bazooka was not the shield itself, but the arm
holding it, not really surprising considering it just held back the fringe
of a nuclear blast.


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