Vincenzo Bruni (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 17:48:35 +0200 wrote:
> just a could AE be so stupid as to put GP-02's vital cooling
> system in its sheild? (unless it was not designed as a sheild, but it seems
> to be used as one frequently)...if that's such a weak point, why put it in
> the Gundam's most likely area to be hit?
I think, INMHO, that the GP-02 was never intended as a close combat unit
but as a long range attack unit. The beam sabers and the vulcan guns
were standard for Gundams so Nina left them in place. As we see in the
OAV the shield was used to avoid harming the GP-02 in the nuclear blast.
Then the shield appears extremely tough, after all it stop a
Megaparticle shot, the same thing that destroyed easily Zion
Bye, Vincenzo

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