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The first appearance I can recall of the G-3 is in Kondoh's adaptation of
Zeta Gundam, which was released in the late 80s IIRC. He takes a few
liberties with the story in his original 3-volume work, obviously trimming
much of the plot, but also changing mecha designs and important plot twists.
The G-3 replaces Haman's Qubeley in the final battles of his manga, and is
clearly indicated (somewhere) as a decendant of the original Elmeth. I
always though it had a kind of Makoto Kobayashi feel too it, he made
everything look like a potato. Kobayashi and Kondoh both did the Gundam
thing quite a bit in the hobby press about the same time, around ZZ (which
Kobayashi actually worked on IIRC).

Incidentally, this is the same manga to feature the Dijeh as the grunt Axis
MS Chaika and also Lt. Dork pooting about in the Griffin to some awful rock
music. Hee.

-scott \\

>The short story that features the G-3 and the Z-Gustav at the end of
>the manga is probably my favorite work by Kondo. Reminiscent of
>Katoki's manga work.
>Mark Kai

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