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>i got hooked on to gundam by gundam wing (airing in the philippines. i
>think there are a few of my countrymen in this mailing list?). one of the
>few fringe benefits of being in between jobs. :P

        TSONG! Dude! Pare! Mabuti naman dumadami tayo dito!
        Ahem, welcome to the list!

>so i'm actually watching the original mobile suit gundam (movies) and the
>gundam wing series at the same time. (a very...interesting experience,
>especially for a gundam freshie). on that note -- can someone explain to me
>what the consensus is on gundam wing? (i think it's ok, but why do i get
>the feeling that the long time purist fans sorta disdain g-wing? or is it
>just the websites i've seen?)

        Gundam wing is a great intro to Gundam for beginners, but if you want
better story and plots and a lot more subtle stuff, then gundam TOS, Z,
maybe ZZ and CCA are the ones to watch out for. But Gundam Wing has a
certain brutality to it which I've rarely seen in Gundam stuff. and
admittedly has the first full-fledged five-man team concept to be realized
in gundam's a bbreakthrough because of its ability to cross
genres, which is also the reason why it's disdained...and sometimes
rightfully so.

>got my paws on stardust memory and char's counterattack (haven't watched
>them yet). no z gundam or zz gundam yet. (i don't mind spoilers though --
>i have a lousy memory anyway :)

hmmmm...Comic Express in second floor virra mall I think has the complete
GW/EW and the three movies, and if I'm correct, CCA and F91 as well.

Discotech on first floor Virra Mall has the ORIGINAL discs for ALL of
Double Zeta and all of the ORIGINAL series episodes...going for about 3,000
pesos or so per box.

>i've read up on the gundam project website (and received a hefty dose of
>information overload...oh, my aching noggin).

        It gets worse, believe me. Try collecting the kits.

>g-wing impressions. i must be crazy...wufei is actually my favorite g-wing
>pilot (because of his attitude problem...doh!). and the altron nataku my
>favorite gundam. maybe the virsago too. (purely from the
>mechanical-artistic point of view, mind you. there's something about the
>extending arms, however unrealistic and uber-funky, that grabs me (no pun)).
> i'm dense enough to not understand why everyone hates relena, but not too
>dense to not like noin and sally, heh. (what do 15 year olds know about
>war? i just had to ask that...)

        The Virsago is a kick-butt MS, but one can only appreciate it fully when
one sees the 1/100 kit.

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