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>> Well, After seeing it in the package, I was thoroughly interested, but
>>unimpressed...bad line detailing...and it looks not-sturdy.
>Are you referring to the action figure or the chogokin toy? The line
>detailing on the chogokin is not bad, considering how bad it looks on the
>action figure version.

        The action figure. UGH!

>> Other stuff I saw:
>> The DOM! ARGH! ^&$&^%%*&$*&%! I WANT ONE.
>Why didn't you get it? :) I got one... big mother, box size is the same
>as the MG GP-02A.

        No money right now....ARGH!

>> The Gundam Chogokin: Very impressive, but too expensive for the size.
>You think so? It's cheaper than those Soul of Chogokin toys, and they don't
>come much bigger than the Gundam.

        But it's still smaller! and the price tag on it doesn't justify the
smallness of the thing.

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