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>>Well, the local anime store recieved copies of the new Gundam Action
>>Figures, and I picked up the Gundam and Char's Zaku. I must say I'm very
>>impressed. They are all composed of a soft plastic, about 6 inches high,
>>and contain tons of weapons. The only slight problem is that the bazooka
>>that came with each is a little warped.
>Cheapo action figure made in China... don't expect too much. If you want
>the real deal, get the chogokin Gundam. Just got mine today, it ROCKS!
>It can do some pretty crazy poses, although in a cheap way. Like you know
>how it can do a knee-down kind of pose? The whole hip moves, including the
>part that should have been the skirt.

        Well, After seeing it in the package, I was thoroughly interested, but
unimpressed...bad line detailing...and it looks not-sturdy. BUT, I have to
admit, it does have the feel of gundam (hard to explain...I'll leave it at
        Other stuff I saw:
        The DOM! ARGH! ^&$&^%%*&$*&%! I WANT ONE.
        The Gundam Chogokin: Very impressive, but too expensive for the size.
        I saw a GaoGaiGar kit in 1/144...Is this worth it? and what about the
Wave !/144 Lachesis and Patraqushe (plastic injection)?

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