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>>> Which brings up another question, was there ever a model released for
>>>MS06S Dozul Zabi Custom?
>>Not as a plastic injection kit. And I don't recall seeing one in resin,
>>either, although recent hobby mags did feature conversions/modifications
>>from MG Zaku II kits. Again, if Bandai gets real lazy/desperate, you bet
>>your heat hawk it'll be a MG kit soon...
>But isn't it relatively easy to do a modification kit for this? I mean all
>you'd have to do is buy two Zakus and work from there.

Where can I find drawings and/or model kit pictures of Dozul Zabi MS-06S ?

I'm planning to convert a 1/144 Ms-06F/J and I need info about Dozul Zabi's
Zaku, especially his oversize heathawk.


Ciao, Max.

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