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>Hello all, as you may know, I'm working on a Gundam Mekton campaign set
>in 0084. I was thinking of using Gato's trusted 'lieutenant,' Karius as
>the main Zeon villian. However, other than that he was in Gato's 302nd
>Patrol Company in the OYW I know almost nothing about him. Does anybody
>know anything else about him?

All we know for certain is that Karius started his pilot career in his
mid-teens as a student volunteer and that he served under Gato from the
very beginning. Their relationship parallels that of Rheinhardt and
Kircheis in Galactic Heroes: the loyal squire who thinks his leige lord is
without equal.

When Gato was killed, Karius became the sole survivor of the 302nd Patrol
Squadron. This can either give him a cachet of beating the odds or get him
branded as a jinx, a la Terry Sanders Jr in 08th MS Team. Either way, we
can expect that he'll always ask himself "What would Gato do?" and act

>OTOH, I noticed he was only a Sergeant in 0083. All Federation MS pilots
>(except 08th MS Team) seem to be officers, and you could explain away
>08MST as being ground-pounders or a necessity of the OYW. So at any
>rate, are the average Zeon MS pilots enlisted instead?

One assumes that the Zeon, having had mobile suits since UC 0075 and using
them in vast numbers at the outbreak of the war, viewed them as just
another weapon in the arsenal and assigned them accordingly. The
Federation, on the other hand, having just developed their first true
mobile suit, viewed them as a more elite weapon and at first gave them only
to officers. As the GMs came along, the Federation would move more toward
the Zeon arrangement, but they'd probably still lean toward officers for
the GM and enlisted for the Ball. Later, the MS will be apportioned more
evenly, but you'll still see officers in the elite MS.

As a general rule, I think you'll find that the Zeon "grunt" MS are piloted
by enlisted men and the "command" MS by officers. In the original series,
Char was an officer but Jean, Slender and Denim were enlisted. In the
Cyclops Team, Steiner was an officer, but Mischa, Garcia, Andy and Bernie
were enlisted. The Black Trinary were all Sergeant Majors (E-9), as I recall.

Johnny Ridden, the Red Blitz, was a Sergeant Major (E-9) when the war
started. He was made a Captain (O-3) after destroying three Magellan
battleships in the Rumm Campaign.

Shin Matsunaga, the White Wolf of Solomon, entered service as a PFC (E-2)
and, like Ridden, received a battlefield commission to 1st Lieutenant (O-2)
after destroying a Federation battleship and five cruisers in the Rumm

Gerald Sakai also started out as an enlisted man, rank unknown, and
promoted to 2nd Lieutenant (O-1) during the Rumm Campaign.

Frederick Braun, the ill-fated hero of Kazuhiso Kondoh's MS Senki series,
started out as a PFC (E-2) in the Ruum Campaign and had worked his way up
to Sergeant (E-5) by the time of the Zeon attack on Jabrow.

All of the other documented Zeon aces were officers from the outset.

I don't have an equivalent information source for Federation aces.


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