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On 10 Jul 99, at 23:31, Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> OTOH, I noticed he was only a Sergeant in 0083. All Federation MS pilots
> (except 08th MS Team) seem to be officers, and you could explain away
> 08MST as being ground-pounders or a necessity of the OYW. So at any
> rate, are the average Zeon MS pilots enlisted instead?

TOS: Amuro and other kid pilots was at enlisted rank the whole time.
 The commission came after the war.

Zeta: All Titans pilots are officers. But they are not regular
federation force. AEUG has plenty of enlist ranked pilots. Fa Yuri
came to mind.

ZZ: don't know.

CCA: Kala Sun was enlisted rank. Chein Agi, not a pilot, is a
warrant officer.

0080: Christ is officer, but than she is a test pilot.

0083: Yeah, all of the named pilots are officers but those are test

So you can see that federation should have plenty of enlisted pilots.
It just that, beside CCA, we don't really see much regular Federation
combat units in action. In the TOS, we got the ragtag crews of
WhiteBase. In Z and ZZ, regular federation force didn't really do
much on screen. In 0080 and 0083, we got a bunch of test pilots.

Jim Huang

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