Neil Baumgardner (
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 23:31:41 +0000

Hello all, as you may know, I'm working on a Gundam Mekton campaign set
in 0084. I was thinking of using Gato's trusted 'lieutenant,' Karius as
the main Zeon villian. However, other than that he was in Gato's 302nd
Patrol Company in the OYW I know almost nothing about him. Does anybody
know anything else about him?

OTOH, I noticed he was only a Sergeant in 0083. All Federation MS pilots
(except 08th MS Team) seem to be officers, and you could explain away
08MST as being ground-pounders or a necessity of the OYW. So at any
rate, are the average Zeon MS pilots enlisted instead?

Neil Baumgardner

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