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>This is another thing of why I'm confused. XD I thought they were bits as
>well until when in some games they called them funnels. I don't remember
>if CCA for the PSX called everything funnels, but then I do remember that
>in Battle Master 2...for every remote attack that used the psycho frame the
>announcer said "funnel attack!". Then there are some info sites that call
>them funnels...etc... However, I do remember reading Federick's translated
>novel of Tomino's 0079 and there he called them bits. I kinda trust the
>translation more. :)

A Bit is a remotely-controlled drone, equipped with a fusion reactor,
thrusters, remote-control system, mono-eye type optical sensor and a beam
gun -- a small unpiloted ship. The Bits used on the MAN-08 Elmeth were 8.4
meters in length, roughly spherical with the beam gun projecting from one
end and vernier nozzles on the other. The beam guns are in the 10 to 20 MW

Later on, we see Reflector Bits, which carry an I-field generator instead
of a beam gun. These are used like mirrors to deflect beams, either as a
defense or to allow the attacker to shoot around a corner at an enemy
hiding behind, say, an asteroid.

A Funnel is a refinement of the Bit. While it still has the remote-control
system (Psychom or Incom), propulsion system, targeting sensors and beam
gun, it lacks the (relatively) bulky fusion reactor, using an Encap
instead. This makes it considerably smaller and faster than a Bit, but
limits the range somewhat.

The Fin Funnel is actually a Bit, because it has an onboard reactor. It
consists of a cubical core with two hinged fins. These two fins fold down
to form the sides of the funnel, hence the name. (The fact that they are
linked together in the open position to form a fin for the RX-93 Nu Gundam
obscures this fact and furhter confuses the issue.) The Fin Funnel has
both a beam gun and an I-beam generator, so it works as both a Bit and a
Reflector Bit. Additionally, a tetrahedral array of four Fin Funnels can
form a pyramidal barrier field around the parent MS.

Bits and Funnels were both developed by Zeon. The Fin Funnel was developed
by the Federation, which didn't make a distinction. The confusion has been
with us ever since.


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